Saturday, 8 December 2012

You Are Not Alone!

Last monday night while at gymnastics class, my friend totally ignored me, because she had a group of friends from her school join. This made me feel so hurt inside and totally left out. I found myself questioning what had i done wrong??

 We were always having so much fun together and now its like I didn't even exist. It hurt and I felt like bursting into crying a few times:(

 Then I for the first time felt a sense of jealousy. I really felt uncomfortable, like I didn't fit in anymore with her. Even though I had gone above and beyond to always make sure she never felt left out.

 Although I was in pain, in the very back of my mind I felt happy for her to have fun with her NEW friends!!

But the number one thing to do in these kind of situations is to be EVEN MORE LOVING TO YOURSELF!

1) Luna ill always be here for you!

2) Dont let the situation ruin the occasion ;)

3) You are the most wonderful person there is to be around!!!!!!

So give this technique a try next time you are feeling lonely or left out!!!!!


Love Luna:)


  1. Luna - You are truly an inspiration!

    I have the origami bird that you gave me at the first San Antonio Self-Love workshop (here on my desk).

    "I deserve all good & I'm open to it all now."

    You and your Mom are wonderful spirits and I am lucky to have you in my life!


    1. Thank you so much for your support and im happy that you have kept my origami bird!!! You deserve all the good!
      Happy holidays to you and your family!
      Love Luna