Sunday, 8 April 2012

How to not be bothered by bullying

Hello how are you today?,
i'm here writing  this post to help you not be effected by bullying.
first i'm going to say a few bullying experiences I've had, A few months ago someone at my school had told me that a girl hates me cause i don't speak as much as everyone else, and i have to admit i was really sad and then a little mad at the girl cause she hurt my feelings like most bullying experiences do.And when i came home and told my mom she said " are you ok?" and all i said back was " i'm fine i love me and thats all that matter's".after i said that all my mom said was wow! Because of that girl now i know how to deal with bullying because my old bullying experiences made me feel really embarrassed to wear some things and talk in front of my teachers but now i feel confident to wear high knee socks and talk in my high pitched voice in front of teachers cause thats just how i am.
theres a few ways to get over the sadness you go through,
1. always repeat positive affirmations to yourself
2.know that the person thats bullying you is probably not very secure with themselves
3.know that if you love yourself then you'll be ok!
have a great day and a wonderful easter :)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

what to do when you got the blue's

I havent written in a while but i'm making this post to help you support yourself when your feeling down.
well firstly you always have to say loving up lifting things to you! and if your stuck on what to tell your self just think of what you would say to your siblings or friends or anyone thats super close to you, then if your still SUPER stuck heres a few little things to say to you!
1. Iam feeling happy as ever<3
2. I can get through whatever im going through<3
3. I am healthy>3
After try to do that as many time possible to bring your spirits up
cause you know your, your #1 fan and I  hear my mom say that to people allllllll the time to people who arent feeling very good about themselves or just not being supportive of themselves either.
and you alll know being supportive of your self only makes your day easier!!!!! now this is a little post but I know youve enjoyed it.

love Luna