Saturday, 23 July 2011

Im In Love With My World

I Am Sooo Thankful For.....
1.The Amazing Homeless People,
2.The Kind Construction Workers,
3.The Adorable Fire Fighters,
4.The Generous Grocery Clerks,
5.The Helpful Teachers In This Wonderful World,
6.My Most Amazing, Kind,Adorable, Generous, Helpful Family That Have Been There For Me Through Thick And Thin.

Now, These Are Only A Couple Things Im Grateful For What Are You Grateful For?

Please Write At Least 10 Things Your Grateful For.
Report Back To Me How Your Feeling After Doing This Fun Activity.

Thanks For Your Support.

Write To You Soon

Friday, 22 July 2011

I Am Beautiful Just The Way I Am

Do You Ever Look In The Mirror And Your Not Pleased With What You See ? Well If You Do And Your Ready For A Challenge To Be Pleased With Your Self Then Please Keep Reading.Ok When Your Ready Stand In Front Of The Mirror And Repeat These Words To Your Self,
1. I Am Perfect Just The Way I Am!
2. I Am Soo Blessed!
3. I Am In Love With My Self More And More Each Day!
4. I Am Beautiful In Every Way Possible!
5. I Love My Self Just The Way I Am!!!
Ok Good Job, Now Are You Ready For The 2nd Step Of The 3 Steps To Loving Your Self. Lets Go This Step Also Includes Looking In A Full Body Mirror, Ok Get Ready.
First I Want You To Look In The Mirror And Bless Every Part Of Your Body One At A Time,
First Start At Your Eyes,
Then Your Nose And Your Cheeks,
Next Your Ears,
After Bless Your Mouth,
Then Your Chin,
Next Your Neck,
After That Bless Your Chest And Your Shoulders,
Then Your Arms,Wrists And Hands,
Next Your Ribs,
Then Your Stomach And Your Back + Your Hips,
After Bless Your Bum And Your Front,
Next Bless Your Thighs And Your Knee's,
Then Your Shins and Your Ankles,
After Bless Your Feet And Toes,
Ok Wev'e Finished Step 2 Are Ready For Step 3, K Lets go.
Im Gonna Get You To Sit Down And Close Your Eyes And Just Think Positive Things About You Your Life And Every Thing Around You, I Want You Do It For About 10-15 Minutes. Now Are You Feeling Ten Times Better About Your Self Now. Well Ok All Love Around You Write To You Soon

Love Luna