Sunday, 14 August 2011

Seeing The World Happily

Do You Ever Pass Homeless People On The Street And Think Oh I Feel So Sorry For Them?
Well If You Do What Good Are You Doing For Them , Your Not Sending Out Positive Energy For Them Its Not Going To Make There Day Any Better Ethier.
Well If You Want To Make There Spirits Brighter With Out Them Even Knowing It , Please Keep Reading.
Ok Well Firstly, See Them With Beautiful Clean Clothes, Them Surronded By Piles Of Delicious Healthy Food, With A Lovely Amazing House, Friendly Family Members.
And I'll Let You Think Of 5 More Divine Things To Lift There Soul.
Thanks For Your Support.
Write To You Soon
Love Luna

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Special Act Of Kindness

Dear Readers,
Today I've Chose To Write About A Random Act Of Kindness Which Was Inspired By My Amazing And Lovely Teacher Mrs.Kacin.
Today I Want You To Think Of One Or More Person/People To Give A Random Act Of Kindness To.
Ok Got Those People In Mind, Great Lets Go First If Your A Bit Younger And You've Got Importent Stuff To Do That Your Parents Normally Have To Remind You About All The Time. Like For Example If Your Mum Always Has To Remind You About Cleaning The Bathroom Or Setting The Table, For A Change Just Do It Without Your Parents Having To Ask You Because Im Sure That Will Suprise Them And Make Them Very Grateful.

And If Your A Bit Older Maybe Just Give The People In Your Mind A Call If You Havent Spoke To Them In A While And Im Sure That, That Will Put A Smile On Ther Face. Or You Could Take That Special Person Out For Lunch And Buy It Or Maybe Instead By The Desserts.
But All Im Trying To Say Is That Its Really Nice To Be The Person Doing The Act Of Kindness And Receiving It, And It Doesn't Have To Be A Big Thing. It Really Can Just Be Setting The Table Or Giving An Old Friend A Call.
Write To You Soon Bye.

All Love Around You