Friday, 30 December 2011


I'm gonna talk to you today about why meditation is important:)
Ok so my mum told me a couple days ago that our brains can hold up to 100% of memory and an average person only uses 2 or 3% of that space and I said well i want to use more of my brain then 3% so if your like me you might want to keep reading, so my  mum carried on saying that meditation can open up more of your memory which i thought was really interesting.So after that i meditated repeatedly for 3 days so far right before i went go to bed, and wow have i felt a diffrence in my life style ive felt so relaxed and calm.

So For The Next Week I Would Like You To Listen To Any Meditation That you think sounds relaxing and calmingfor at least  3 to 4 days and just see if you can find a diffrence in your behavior.

Ok Please write how your behavior changed if it did and how it took place in your life.

ok ill talk to you soon Luna