Friday, 30 December 2011


I'm gonna talk to you today about why meditation is important:)
Ok so my mum told me a couple days ago that our brains can hold up to 100% of memory and an average person only uses 2 or 3% of that space and I said well i want to use more of my brain then 3% so if your like me you might want to keep reading, so my  mum carried on saying that meditation can open up more of your memory which i thought was really interesting.So after that i meditated repeatedly for 3 days so far right before i went go to bed, and wow have i felt a diffrence in my life style ive felt so relaxed and calm.

So For The Next Week I Would Like You To Listen To Any Meditation That you think sounds relaxing and calmingfor at least  3 to 4 days and just see if you can find a diffrence in your behavior.

Ok Please write how your behavior changed if it did and how it took place in your life.

ok ill talk to you soon Luna


  1. hi if you go to youtube and type in simple steps to spiritual happiness youll see my mum pop up on screen( the beautiful lady with red hair) Please Watch her videos she puts them on youtube every week
    ok enjoy

  2. wow luna you are so insightful and yes I DO feel such a difference while i meditate. and it is funny i also feel the difference if i dont meditate.
    please keep writing these and helping the planet continue growing and loving!!:)
    i really appreciate you!!!!!!
    xx love and light little angel